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Tuxedo custom for your plushie for every special occasion


  • Black suit with bow tie
  • Black pants
  • Fits any 16″ DubiDo

Care: Surface wash and handwash only. No machine wash or dry clean.

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  1. Loved it!

  2. A Cuddly Companion for Tiny Adventurers: My Cute teddy

  3. Stepping into the teddy store was like entering a hug-filled haven, and amidst the sea of plush pals, one caught my eye (and tiny human’s heart): a teddy so irresistibly soft, it felt like a cloud had been hand-stitched into cuddly form. Its [describe special features, e.g., floppy ears, big button eyes] were an instant charm offensive, melting my parental resolve faster than a chocolate chip cookie in a warm oven.

    But beyond the surface-level snuggle factor, this plushie held a deeper magic. The friendly staff at the store assured me it was crafted with only the highest quality materials, built to withstand epic fort-building sessions, tea parties in the backyard, and countless bedtime cuddles. And boy, were they right! This little teddy has already traversed imaginary mountains, journeyed through oceans of blankets, and battled ferocious sock dragons, all while maintaining its pristine fluffiness.

    The impact on my child? Well, let’s just say bedtime now involves less negotiation and more snuggling. This plushie has become a constant companion, a confidante for whispered secrets, and a silent partner in every playtime adventure. Seeing my little one’s face light up at the sight of their new BFF makes every penny spent at that charming teddy store worth it.

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